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Astrid Jeurissen

Transformation & Balance


Are you standing on shaky ground, not quite sure how to take the next step? Are you in a treadmill of thoughts and feelings  you can’t seem to step out of?

We all encounter times when life loses its “matter-of-factness” and thus challenges us to take a good look at it.  A challenge that, with a little help, may turn constraints into possibilities.

At Transformation & Balance you will find a safe and confidential environment where you don’t have to do it alone. A place where you can talk from the heart, whether in English, French or Spanish and where you’ll find a connection as an expat, repat, (A)TCK or new immigrant; knowing you will be talking to an expert in the field of inter-cultural transition.

Through Creative Arts and Refresh your  ‘I’ , I invite you to experience yourself and reflect upon yourself.

Soft Landing addresses experiences expats (expatriates) and repats (repatriates) encounter and have to deal with when going across cultures.






The image of the orange belongs to  Translucent Fruit Paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz,