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Crossing Cultures

                        Building your life in The Netherlands


Crossing Cultures is available for anyone who comes to live in The Netherlands for a longer period of time; as an expat, immigrant, or repatriating Dutch nationals. Single, as a couple or a family; everyone experiences challenges when going across cultures and settling in a new environment.

Living across cultures requires flexibility, adaptability, empathy and an open mind.  In addition it requires organisational skills, language skills and social skills to explore your new surroundings and build up new relations and activities towards a new routine and sense of wellbeing.  All in all an impressive process to go through, and where reality may not meet expectations, it may leave you disillusioned and with a bereaved sense of self. Frustrations may mount where feelings of inadequacy may pull you down. Alone with your struggles and not knowing how to take the hurdles that have crossed your path?

Do you want to become more sensitive to the effects of living across cultures; understanding the various aspects that come into play within inter-cultural communication and how to make it work for you?

Whether moving across cultures, starting a new job or a new relationship, there is always  the loss of something to be mourned and a need to relate to the new. So there are outer aspects to be considered as well as inner feelings and processes to be worked through.

Understanding your dynamics between culture and identity along with insight into Dutch culture will help you to make the most of your expat experience.

See workshops and courses at your disposal.

Maybe you are a repatriate experiencing the challenges after many years of travel. You have changed, society has changed and your having trouble making it fit.

Getting your bearings as a Third Culture Kid has its own challenges yet again; particularly as a young adult still working out your own identity you may feel you cannot connect as you would like and at the same time you may even feel estranged from yourself … If you feel all mixed up about it … do try to get some help. It may save you years of trying to figure it out all by yourself; years in which you could be putting your much needed qualities out there.

So, if you need a sounding-board or some help along the way, do get in touch for a free consultation

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