For professional success and personal growth

The course is about becoming aware of the role of culture on individuality, while focusing on yourself.  It is about cultural sensitivity and inter cultural communication. It is ultimately to supply you with tools to strengthen your self-reliance and self-confidence in making your cross-cultural move into a success.

Working with scientific models you will get an insight as to the workings of cultural dynamics. Working through creative exercises will wake you up to the experience and get in touch with related feelings.

Working through the steps of this process will  strengthen your self-reliance as well as self-confidence while getting your sense of self back in balance.



  1. Taking a look at your process of moving across cultures (from a personal perspective,+ partner & kids when applicable)
  1. Becoming aware of the various aspects at play within your personal process.

Start: lifescript

Why did you make this move & How are you dealing with it.

Theory: Geert Hofstede’s union model & Maslow’s theory of basic needs

  1. What you need to know?

Dutch culture , miscommunication

Theory: G. Hofstede 6-D model & Lewis

Cultural dynamics Competencies – what you need to apply or learn to make your expat life a        success.

  1. Based on personal values, priorities; assess/bring into focus personal qualities and competencies and define tools to tackle your challenges. Assessing your intercultural sensitivity.
  2. Building a life in The Netherlands and interacting within Dutch culture. Special focus on (communication skills within the Dutch cultural setting (Do’s & Don’ts)
  3. Personal, one-on-one – getting the full picture
  4. Sharing, checking and filling your “toolkit”


The course has a basic structure and is further tailored to fit the needs of participants as a group. Special attention to the personal process guaranteed.