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Refresh Your I

                       empower yourself.


Refresh your ‘I’ is about taking a step back.

It is about experiencing what most deeply resonates in you by using your senses (see: Albert Soesman ‘The twelve senses’) as well as your mind, in order to grab the whole of you, past what at first glans may seem good for ‘me’.

It is also about taking stock of achievements and doing some biographical work in order to re-examining where you stand: How does that feel? Is your life still as meaningful as you would like it to be? What choices do you have? What is it that really makes your heart sing? What qualities would you like to put to the fore in order to recapture  your Self in such a way as to open up new perspectives and possibilities?

Are you at a stage in your life where you could use a breath of fresh air? To blow the cobwebs out of your mind, to realize that the constraints you experience may be limitations you unwittingly impose on yourself. That from another perspective unthought of possibilities may arise that can bring back meaning into your life and a sense of purpose that may drive you to new experiences and growth.

Give yourself the chance to feel more invigorated, with a clearer sense of self and more self-esteem. In tune with what really matters to you.

Life is a wonderful box of chocolates that may delight you in unexpected ways.

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