The workshop gives you the opportunity to reflect on your experience of making a cross-cultural move.

A creative exercise using beeswax crayons and a dynamic line technique that will make the different cultural rhythms visible, that are the heartbeat of a culture. This experience will be the basis for reflection on the different ways in which these differing rhythms affect you and the way you weave your daily patterns around them.

A second exercise using soft colour pastels will reveal how grounded you feel. We will look at the finished product. How does it feel? Do you feel well-grounded or are you still on shaky ground? Steps will be taken to add what is needed to strengthen the desired feeling of “groundedness”.

You will also receive info on what the Dutch mean by “Doe maar normal, dan doe je al gek genoeg”, a very commonly used Dutch saying that reveals their social code of conduct. In addition you will receive tips that may support you building your Home away from Home.

The workshop takes approximately 3,5 hours and is offered on location. Next workshop to be expected in October.