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The way I work

One on one

I offer a safe and confidential environment where you can take your time to look at yourself and at what it is that brings you, without value judgement. By asking questions I will help you look from different angels in order to get a clear picture of what it is about.


In addition, I make use of an artistic approach to bypass the logical mind (which very often censors our thoughts) and thus allow feelings to express themselves. By looking with a phenomenological mind, we can perceive the essence which comes to the fore. This is what it is about.

A few may call themselves artist, but everyone has the ability to use the offered techniques. The aesthetic result is of no particular interest except you may be pleasantly surprised by what comes out of your hands.

Out of these steps follows an evaluation (usually during the fourth session) where we look at what has been revealed thus far. It is a moment to see what possibilities lye before you and the time to answer questions and make a choice. “Where do I stand right now? Is it all clear to me and am I ready to pick up on my own again or do I feel I could use some additional support? Does this approach work for me and do I want to continue or would I prefer working with somebody else.

The outcome will be translated into a plan of action or treatment plan, or a short report in case of termination.

The length  and frequency of our encounters fully depends on you, it is your process.

The plan of action has a practical approach and is geared towards the future. It deals with the possibilities in the here and now, such as the case with “Refresh your ‘I’”.   The treatment plan focusses on your inner world where something from the past is at play. This approach has a healing character.

A short report will be made following the last evaluation.

There will be time to talk and time to experience in silence. Working through creative means will be a regular feature. My attention will also be drawn to your breathing because it plays a very important role in the quality of your presence as well as your sense of wellbeing.


Know that this process will require effort on your part. It  appeals to your courage to work through what is bothering you. It might already give you a sensation of lightness, just taking the first step and trusting it is going to get better.  The effort is there where something doesn’t come easily. Possibly your effort will be about restraint (away from the impulse to “solve the problem”) or about opening up to feelings or about acceptance of what is. We work from the here and now and trust is the vessel on this journey.

With deeper issues at stake, we can map your systemic reality. This concerns the various social units you are a part of relating to the issue at hand and see what it is that has an underlying effect on you. Influences from your youth, your families, school, friends, colleagues or perhaps the people you share your daily life with.

Regular evaluations will be held to make sure we keep in tune with your goals as set down in the action/treatment plan.

My specialty involves the dynamics between identity and culture with a focus on integration and authenticity. When being yourself no longer seems a matter of course.

I can also help you along with your communication skills. Whether it be intercultural communication, non-verbal communication or those aspects of communication pertaining to the so called soft-skills.


With a group

During workshops and courses each individual will receive personal attention, to make sure all participant enjoy and pick the fruitful of their experience.

Courses and communication workshop always contain a certain amount of theory but the focus is on personal experience and reflecting upon the theme at hand.


My Approach

My approach is grounded in the gnostic sciences of which anthroposophy is a part and from which art therapy came forth. A vision of man that is shared within the esoteric tradition of all religions. A vision of man that acknowledges individual uniqueness yet an intricate part of the bigger whole.

“Look up at the stars but keep both feet on the ground” (Japanese Cohan) meaning my approach embraces the cosmos but is geared towards the practical reality of day to day life, working from the here & now.

A man, a life, a mystery to be unraveled, each at one’s own pace, each following a unique path.

My vision is that we live in a time of transition. A time which at present has lost it’s balance, where the natural resilience of  both earth and culture are under severe strain and answers don’t seem up for grabs. I see a growing realization that as a people we really do matter on an individual basis. That the choices we make contribute to a greater whole and that the quality of our choices determine the future we build together. A time where we need to recognize that there are always two sides to a coin; that for a healthy balance where we express our freedom to take we carry the responsibility to give in turn to the greater good.

On an individual level I chose to see the wonderful potentials in all people, whether dormant or yet awake. Past personal likes or dislikes I always find a quality in others I can hook up with. As such I can feel connected on one level or another with all people I come in contact with.

My mission is to create more understanding. To help people reconnect with their whole self and with the world around them, to help reassess the pivot  on which choices are balanced and explore possibilities.




I work according to the professional guidelines of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kunstzinnig Therapeuten ( In addition I carry a variety of coaching tools that allow me to use the method that most suits your person and  the issue at hand. Look up my LinkedIn for further information.


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